Progress So Far

Progress on the B4224 Unfortunately we have learnt today the the B4224 will not reopen in Fownhope in February “BUT” hopefully Easter .

As a Parish Council, we work together to bring to the notice matters of concern and interest to Herefordshire Council and the Parish as a whole.Doing this is not an unrewarding function quite the opposite, but we are a little stretch at the moment and would like to co-opt two new Parish Councillors. Yatton is in need of Councillor also Sollershope. We would like to invite you as Parishioners living away from the B4224 to join us as your input and views around your part of the Parish are of interest to us all.

Please contact the Clerk if you are interested in joining us.           


June 2013 Initial presentation to members of How Caple, Sollershope and Yatton and Brockhampton with Much Fawley Parish Councils and residents by Herefordshire Council Neighbourhood Planning Team at Brockhampton Parish Hall.
July 2013 Parish Council resolution to apply for designation of a Neighbourhood Area
August 2013 Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area submitted
October 2013 Neighbourhood Area designated
March 2014 Letter to residents explaining NDPs and invitation to public presentation
April 2014 Public presentation at How Caple Grange
April-July 2014 Initial meetings of those interested in joining Steering Group
August 2014 Steering Group formed
December 2014 First tranche of grant funding
September 2015 Second tranche of grant funding
October 2015 Public Information Drop-in sessions
March 2016 Residents’ questionnaires issued
May-July 2016 Analysis of data from residents’ questionnaires
October 2016 First draft of policies
October 2016 Third tranche of grant funding
November 2016 Public Information event with first draft of policies
March 2017 Public Information event with first draft of further policies
April – June 2017 Revision of policies
July 2017 Approval of Draft Plan by the Parish Council
July – September 2017 Regulation 14 Consultation
August 2017 Public Information event
October – December 2017 Review of Regulation 14 comments and revision of Plan
February 2018 Approval of revised Plan, Consultation Statement, Basic Conditions Statement, HRA and SEA
March 2018 Submission of Plan, Consultation Statement, Basic Conditions Statement, HRA and SEA to Herefordshire Council
April – May 2018 Regulation 16 Consultation
July 2018 Appointment of Independent Examiner
September – October 2018 Independent Examination

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